Easy Peasy Herbal Sleep Pillow

Sleep pillows are not by any means a new thing, but they don’t have to be difficult; no need for a sewing machine, needles, pins of fancy fabric.

You will need;

A clean cotton sock (everyone has odd socks they don’t know what to do with!)

Dried Hops (two handfuls)

Dried Lavender (a handful)

Dried Cowslips (a handful)

Dried Rose petals (a handful)

Optional Dried garden mint (large pinch)


Simply fill your cotton, sock with the mixture of herbs and tie a knot in the sock when finished, then slide the ‘sleep pillow’ inside your pillowcase.

Traditionally Hops were used alone, but if you are familiar with hops, you will know that they do not smell great, which is why I have devised this combination of herbs, not only to help with sleeping but also to improve the smell coming from the sleep pillow. Hops emit ‘coumarin’ a naturally occurring plant chemical that brings about a feeling of sleepiness when inhaled. Cowslips also have this naturally occurring in their flowers too.

We are no longer allowed to pick cowslips from the wild as there was a time when they were endangered, however the cowslips we use now are safely cultivated. Interestingly, cowslips are also used to soothe an irritating night cough and this can be given to children too. (either as a syrup or an infusion).

The garden mint is an optional one, not especially for sleep, but useful with nasal congestion and the resulting snoring.

Lavender is very well known for its use with relaxation and sleep and is also a very pleasant smell to mask the smell of the hops. Rose petals I love to add for their comforting smell and soothing effect. Sleep pillows do not last forever, but this one should last around three months or so. It can be refreshed with a little lavender oil and always make sure to shake it up a bit, just to get the best out of it.

Sweet dreams!