Healthy Skin, Healthy You

Our Skin is our largest organ and arguably, one of the most important. It protects us, heals itself when damaged, acts as a barrier, helps regulate body temperature, prevents loss of body fluid and helps to make Vitamin D.

Skin problems, such as, eczema, psoriasis, acne and rosacea are very common. They all have some things in common though, when it comes to treatment.

Whilst treatment from the outside, such as creams etc are a little helpful at best, the real improvements start with treatment from the inside. Eating your five a day, plenty of water, increased omega consumption and reduction in sugar intake are all excellent habits to adopt.

There are three main supplements I give to most people with these skin complaints and then tailor them to the individual. These are Omega 3 fish oil, zinc, milk thistle and a good probiotic, like acidophilus capsules. Gut flora is so important for supporting skin health as well as all the other things that it does.

Specifically, for Psoriasis, Oregon Grape root extract is supreme for cooling the redness and slowing the over growth of the skin cells, by supporting the liver. It can be used inside and out.

Traditionally the flowers of calendula are used in creams for calming and healing, also in the bath. Here is a quick and easy bath soak;

You will need-

  • 100g Fine oatmeal,
  • 15g Calendula Petals,
  • One clean cotton sock (from the odd sock bag)


Fill the cotton sock with the ingredients and tie a knot in the end. Soak the sock in the hot running water of the bath or shower. Squeeze out the ‘cream’ and rub this gently over the skin to help heal and soften. The oatmeal is traditionally used as a skin healing agent externally.

When finished, remember to empty out the contents of your sock into the compost and wash the sock to use again next time.

Skin complaints can be very debilitating, perhaps herbal treatment may help.