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10 top tips to boost Libido naturally

Have you ever wondered - what is a good alternative treatment for low libido? 

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So, for most of us, reduced libido is something that is going to happen at some point in our lives, and can occur for different reasons.  Rather than worrying, try to follow some of our tips on how you might boost libido naturally and you’ll soon start to feel more relaxed and at ease.  

For professional and confidential advice you can speak to Medical Herbalist Louise Idoux, who has over 30 years experience helping people with libido problems.  She will help you find what is the best supplement or dietary requirement for your personal circumstances and can put together a bespoke program that may help you.  You can easily book a consultation with Louise by phoning Oswestry Herbarium on 01691 656934.

Get your oats for Valentines

What is libido?

Libido is not a subject that we British discuss much (ah-hem).. but here it is.  Let’s start talking!

Libido is just another way of saying sex drive

It is completely normal for libido to change and fluctuate but a low libido may be caused by factors like aging, hormones, menopause, stress, anxiety, medication, depression, alcohol, and reduced fitness.  

If Libido between partners is low this may cause anxiety within a relationship leading to other factors -  like low self-esteem.  

But never fear.  There are things that can help boost libido naturally including herbal remedies, lifestyle changes, diet, and supplements.  All of these may help.    

Have a look at our guide on alternative treatment for low libido and follow our top ten tips on how to boost libido naturally.  

1) Ginseng 

Do you really want a perk up...

Then the well-known Ginseng is a must.  Otherwise known as Red Ginseng or Korean Ginseng (Panax ginseng) this remedy will eclipse all others

Ginseng is a herbal supplement that has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine and can be taken in the form of a supplement.  

In addition to being a supplement for low libido, it is also suggested to be an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and that it may regulate blood sugar. 

Used in the short term, it can be particularly useful as an alternative treatment to improve libido in men rather than women.   However, it is contraindicated (should not be used!) in cases of high blood pressure - so if you’re worried make sure you discuss this thoroughly with your herbalist, Louise Idoux, before considering taking it.

2) Shatavari

For the equivalent in women, the Indian herb Shatavari (Asparagus racemosa) is an excellent booster, particularly for older women with intimate dryness. Shatavari can be used as capsules or tincture, or added to infusions.  It’s also a great herb for almost anything menopause-related.

Shatavari has been used as a supplement for many centuries and it’s suggested, in addition to being an alternative treatment for libido - that it can also help the body develop a resistance to stress - which is something we can all use.

It’s also been suggested that Shatavari can help with reproductive disorders and may help hormonal imbalances, possibly even Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.  

Another reported benefit is the reduction in menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes and night sweats.   

3) Get your Oats

The expression: “get your oats”, comes from the effect of oats on horses.  It seems to make them friskier and more energetic - ideal for stud.

For humans - traditionally Oats are used as food and as medicine to perk up those that are run down or have physical needs.  The reason for this is that they contain slow-release carbohydrates and are very good for increasing energy. 

So make sure you have your porridge regularly to keep your energy up - which in turn, will boost libido naturally.

Oats are away to increase energy and improve libido

4) Damiana Herb

Damiana herb, also known as Turnera diffusa, is another old favourite to help boost libido naturally.  It’s a plant that is native to the subtropical climates of Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean, where indigenous cultures have been using it as an aphrodisiac for centuries. 

It has other reported effects that include helping bladder and urinary issues, improving low mood, and it’s been suggested to boost mental function.  

It’s common to use Damiana herb in combination with Ginseng as an alternative treatment for low libido.  It can be used to help both men and women and is easily consumed as an herbal tea.

5) Oysters to get you in the mood..

It’s not just an old wives’ tale that oysters can put you in the mood.  This is because, along with other shellfish, they contain Zinc.

Zinc can be taken either as a daily supplement or by consuming Zinc rich foods such as shellfish, meats, lentils, and whole grains. 

In addition to taking supplements to improve libido, you can also think about your general diet. 

Raw oysters are best served with a glass of champagne for a truly romantic meal.  

Shellfish contains zinc which has been reported to be a natural aid to libido.

6) Ginkgo Biloba 

Ginkgo Biloba is best known for its effects on brain function and blood circulation.  It’s reported to relax blood vessels and increase blood flow - and is suggested to be a potent aphrodisiac for men and women.   

In one study, this amazing supplement is reported to have reduced the loss of libido in 84% of its participants.  

Originating from the leaves of a tree native to China, it also has a whole host of other positive health claims which mostly relate to brain function and blood flow.  If you’re wondering how to boost libido naturally then give Ginkgo a try.  

Ginkgo Biloba can be drunk as herbal tea or taken as a supplement.  

7) Hydration

Drinking enough water is really vital for removing toxins and impurities from your body.  If you don’t drink enough water all of these toxins can build up which in turn can upset the hormonal balance of your body, potentially leading to a lowered libido.  

Drinking plenty of water can also have other positive benefits such as increased energy levels, promoting weight loss and making skin appear healthier. 

As a general guide you should aim to drink around 2 litres of water per day. 

8) Reduce refined sugar in your diet

Although you do need energy to maintain a healthy libido but by eating too much refined sugar you will cause sugar highs and lows which will effect your mood, your hormones, and ultimately decrease your sex drive.    

Too much sugar in your diet is also a key cause of stress.  This is because when you eat sugary food your blood sugar will then spike and your body has to release a stress hormone called Cortisol to bring your blood sugar back to normal.  Cortisol is a hormone that is normally released when you experience acute stress, so you can see that sugar really isn’t helping your cause if you do suffer from stress or anxiety.  

So basically: too much sugar = stress, leading to a hormonal imbalance and therefore, lower libido.  Try to lower your refined sugar intake and eat more natural sugars, for instance fruit and honey.  

9) Medication

If you are taking any medication it’s a good idea to check for side effects as reduced libido is a common one.  It may be worth chatting with your doctor for possible alternatives.  

10) Alcohol

too much alcohol can reduce libido

And last of all its alcohol consumption.  

While a little alcohol can certainly get you in the mood, too much can actually reduce libido and make things potentially not go to plan.  

Alcohol can directly affect our sex hormone levels.   At first, these hormones may rise but the effects don’t last long and eventually, they will end up dropping which will also leave your libido lower overall.  

We’re not suggesting that you should forgo your glass of wine on Valentine's day but be mindful that too much might not have the effect you’re looking for.   

Don’t worry - we can help

If you’re worried about not feeling fruity enough don’t worry in silence, it’s a common problem. Drop into Oswestry Herbarium or Book a Consultation for more info.